UX Designer 

Design to me is to solve the problem. 

 I craft to order and design for living. 
I obsessed ahem -- focus on 
usabilityhuman-centered design 
and of course provide a pleasant experience!

My ultimate life goal is to conquer the world by designing a product 
that everyone would definitely use!

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This is a small collection of my recent works. Please don't hesitate to go around and play with it!

UX / UI Design at Volvo Truck Technology

Enhanced safety feature by a collaboration of all road users. Driver can warn one another through Volvo's cloud service.


UX / UI Design at Volvo Truck Technology

There are different road conditions as well as many different jobs to take on. Driving with uncomfortable feeling can be dangerous. Especially if the uncomfortable part is your steering wheel control. Personalised your driving experience using Volvo Dynamic Steering - Personal Settings. 


Master thesis in

Interaction Design and Technologies

Semcon Sweden and Volvo Car

A touch-based multi-function controller for autonomous driving

Daily UI

UX / UI Design. Side project

A fun challenge I took to as a side project. The intention is to explore the area of UI design outside my comfort zone of automotive.

Connected Safety
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I design, therefore I am.

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