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Type : 
Commercial Feature

Taken part :
Concept and design within cross-functional team. Project coordinating between designers and developer.

Tools :
Sketch, Android, Design System

Time Used :
40 hrs span over 6 months time.

Client / Stakeholder : 
Volvo Truck Technology AB





UX / UI Design at Volvo Truck Technology

There are different road conditions as well as many different jobs to take on. Driving with uncomfortable feeling can be dangerous. Especially if the uncomfortable part is your steering wheel control. Personalised your driving experience using Volvo Dynamic Steering - Personal Settings.

Volvo Dynamic Steering first came of as a technology-driven project. Volvo steering wheel has been praised with an ability to control and adapt to various driving terrains. But human perspective was lacking. Our cross functional team then built a concept around the provided great technology.

Looking through a human-driver perspective, we illustrated use cases and customer journey. The personalisation settings part then got introduced to an existing product. It was first an experimental project. We fortunately got a lot of positive feedbacks afterward hence continue to improve the function even further.

The result can be seen on the video presentation embedded within this page.

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