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Type : 
Commercial Feature

Taken part :
Concept and design within cross-functional team. Project coordinating between designers and developer.

Tools :
Sketch, Android, Design System

Time Used :
40 hrs span over 6 months time.

Client / Stakeholder : 
Volvo Truck Technology AB



UX / UI Design at Volvo Truck Technology

Connected Safety is a part of Volvo Infotainment and Enhanced Active Safety.

The technology alerts driver in a suitable amount of time before he encounter an area where it is difficult to drive. The application expected to 'see' the road topography and suggest the drive to drive slowly and avoid collision. 

Connected Safety alerts covered the use cases of hazardous warning, slippery road and harsh braking. Whenever the truck sense if the driver is heading to a direction where there is any of these three situation, it would then warn the driver to drive cautiously. 

All the alerts and safety information came from a collaborative effort(less) of all road user. When driver press hazardous warning switch, or manoeuvring on a slippery road, or even do a harsh braking, the truck will sense these actions and send the information to Volvo Cloud service which will broadcast the message to all the vehicle approaching the area.

The application was designed based on a constraint that :

1) Driver do not need to do any extra step while driving.
2) It must not be intrusive warning. As we wouldn't want to distract him. We just want to provide a safety caution.

With the constraints, following by ideation process. We came to conclusion of building application that is rather passive but useful. The driver do not need to press any button to send or receive information on road topography. It is being done in the background and fully integrated with today's driving manner. The warning will be shown only when the vehicle is sure that driver is approaching to the site of event. And it is subtle, with the intention not to scared off the driver.

See technical information on Volvo site

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