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Type : 
Facelift of the total infotainment and vehicle monitoring system 

Taken part :
Concept design within cross-functional team. Project coordinating between designers and developer.

Tools :
Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Figma

Time Used :
5 years

Client / Stakeholder : 
Volvo Truck Technology AB

Volvo Trucks
Model 2021

UX / UI Design at Volvo Truck Technology

The whole truck range has been redesigned throughout; from exterior, interior and information system. 

Moving from analogue to fully digital cluster, there are many areas to work on with an aim of providing premium driving experiences. The truck can be defined as workstation as well as bedroom to driver. Hence, the experiences cover comfortable sleep to an efficient companion. 

I participated in the whole design and software development cycle from sketch to post-production. 

Overall design of Volvo Trucks Model 2021 won Red dot award 2021

See technical information on Volvo site

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